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  • My son just started taekwondo & loves it! I'm extremely impressed by the quality of instruction & the support instructors provide students, especially beginners who are still learning to listen & follow instructions. Thank you!

  • My kids having been going for almost a year now and I finally decided to join a few months back. At 40+ this was a big commitment for me and a little overwhelming trying something completely new at this stage of my life.
    The instructors are amazing and Master Winkler has a way of finding something special in each of his students. Can't wait to continue my journey to my black belt.

  • I See hundreds of martial arts schools each year. Master Colby Winkler and his staff at Lee's Champion TaeKwonDo Academy in Mankato are without a doubt in the top 3% in the martial arts industry. This is a martial arts school that dedicates their lives to ensure your kids receive the respect, education and the skills your children need to be successful in their lives on and off the mats....

  • Our daughter has grown tremendously in the last year. She has always been afraid to take chances, because she doesn't want to fail. She also had an attention span that lasted a few minutes at best, because she didn't always understand what was being presented to her. She struggles academically due to a learning disability. Tae Kwon Do has given her confidence. She is proud to be in the Black Belt Club, and has started to read books at night on a regular basis. She is starting to try new things, and is much more confident in everything she does.

  • Both my sons have attended classes at different times (years) and no matter how many years Master Winkler has been teaching he puts the kids first and is the best instructor I know.
    One of our sons has ASD and his patience and the way he approaches each student and brings out the best in them is priceless.
    All the instructors at LCTKD are top notch -patient- knowledgeable- want the best for each student. They push them and its a nice break from the video games!!

  • Our original plan for TKD was to help our daughter who had ADHD not only with self control but also self confidence. Her brother wanted to take the course as well so we enrolled them both in Belt black club. The classes are structured and the students expected to pay attention and participate. This is exactly the environment our daughter needed. The hour of class is the most focused I have seen her. As she progressed through the belt levels her confidence began to rise, not only was she comfortable asking the instructors for help, but also began to assist lower belt levels with their skills. Our son enjoyed the challenges of the warm ups-pushups, planking, etc. He would practice at home in order to always be able to do them at class. He also enjoyed the self defense and the weapons training. As a parent, the most important part for me was the integrity and character of the instructors. In this age and culture it is difficult to find positive role models for kids to look up to and learn from. I was impressed with the way the instructors carried themselves, interacted with the students, and used life examples to teach character and integrity.

  • I joined my kids in studying TaeKwon Do - and the program is nothing short of amazing! Great instruction AND fantastic life lessons in respect and honor. I highly recommend this program!!

  • Our son started learning Tae Kwon Do with Master Winkler in elementary school. With encouragement and property training he received his black belt. Master Winkler and all the staff were amazing with kids and adults. The facility is neat and clean. Plenty of seating for family to watch. We loved Lee's Champion Tae Kwon Do and my son was devastated when we moved away. We think they should open a branch in Rochester, MN.

  • Instructors are patient, respectable and great examples!

  • Great word....professional! Always striving to be better!

  • My son joined lee's champion tae kwon do last November and his journey to black belt has been amazing. The instructors and staff are very supportive . I would highly recommend this to any parents.

  • They helped with my confidence! Lee's made me a much stronger person mentally and physically!

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